More Than 30 Years Of Experience

If you have been accused of a crime and are facing felony charges, you need the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer, and you need it quickly. The charges you are facing are serious, the potential long-term consequences to your life and liberty are serious, and the prosecution will be very serious about trying to win a conviction against you. You need the help of someone who is even more determined to protect your rights and defend your future.

I am attorney Patrick J. Fugina, and I have been practicing law in Minnesota for more than 30 years -- more than 20 of those years as a public defender in Anoka County. I have dedicated my career to helping people accused of felonies, DWI, and other crimes because I believe in justice and the principle that everyone deserves equal treatment under the law.

When you come to me for help, I understand the pressures you are facing. I have helped hundreds of clients over the years in cases involving assault, property crime, sex crimes, DWI, and other matters. Whatever the circumstances of your case, when you are my client, I work hard to protect your rights and defend your future.

Skilled Legal Help When You Need It Most

Much of my practice is devoted to defending people who are accused of felony crimes, but a conviction on any kind of criminal charges can mean long-term damage to your future, if you do not have skilled counsel. For example, if you have been accused of DWI, you face the possibility of steep fines, revocation of your driver's license and perhaps even jail time. Even after you have served any sentence or paid any fines, your conviction can have long-term consequences, harming your ability to find suitable employment and otherwise holding you back from your goals in life.

The most important thing to know about facing criminal charges is that you deserve a defense. And, with the help of a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer, you have a much better chance of limiting the damage these charges can do to your life.

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If you are facing felony criminal charges, the time to get started building your defense is now. Start by calling my Anoka, Minnesota, office at 763-248-7043. You can also reach me by email. I offer a free initial consultation.

The law office of Patrick J. Fugina represents clients throughout Anoka County and the Minneapolis—St. Paul metropolitan area.